A great way to begin your journey to more youthful rereshed skin that will radiate with a fabulous glow .
When this your first facial or part of your regular skin care maintenance program .
Our profes-sional Aestheticians will guide you throygh the exciting process to reveal the skin you are meat to have
Our entire menu is unisex as all skin is created equal .


Ideal for when you have a quick break and would like to relax while revilizing you face cleanse , tone, massage, and moisturize.


Products used in our signature facial are customized to adress your personal skin type. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, massage, masque and moisturize.


Adress acne prone skin .Cleanse,gentle Enzyme exfoliation , tone, extraction and a purifying mask to soothe and calm the skin .

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Eyebrow Wax $12
Lip Wax $8
Chin Wax $8
Under Arms $16
Half Arms $20 & up
Full Arms $35
Bikini $25 & up
Brazilian $40 & up
Half Legs (upper or lower) $25
Full Legs $45
Full Legs with Bikini $65
Whole Face Wax $40
Full Back Wax $35 & up
Side Burn $8
Chest $25

Artificial Nails

Full Set Gel Nails $35
Fill-Ins $25
Full Set Nails With Regular Tip $25
Fill-Ins $18
Full Set Nails With French $29
Full Set Colors Tip $35
Full Set Pink & White $35
Fill-Ins Pink And White $28
Full Set lovely Nails * $36
Fill-ins Lovely Nails * $30
Nail Take-Off $10
Nail Repair(Regular) $3
Nail Repair ( Pink & White) $5
Hands $8
Feet $8
Full Set Colored Designed  
* (French, American or Color With Gel Finish)