About us

Are you looking for the best nail salon San Diego which delivers the finest nail & spa services in the area? Do you want your nails to be unique and stylish? Do you want yourself to be more and more beautiful? You are at the right place!Visit Smart Nails & Spa and you will get all thing you expect. Located conveniently in a nice corner in San Diego, CA 92106, we hope you will be easy to find and enjoy happy time with us!

Having professional staff members – who are our stand-out – is the most important thing in every salon. All of them are totally skillful and have many – year – experience in doing nail & spa services. We assure your amazing experience with their passion & high sense of responsibility.

Customer services are often updated and refresh to accommodate all our potential clients. Nail care products come from well-known brands to have the best result.

Go to Smart Nails & Spa – Give us a try and you would remember us!

Facial services

A great way to begin your journey to more youthful rereshed skin that will radiate with a fabulous glow .
When this your first facial or part of your regular skin care maintenance program .
Our profes-sional Aestheticians will guide you throygh the exciting process to reveal the skin you are meat to have
Our entire menu is unisex as all skin is created equal .

Smart Nails & Spa in San Diego, CA, 92016